when i look at you, my god, it’s like every constellation in the sky is shining right before my eyes and i can’t really seem to look away. you are as mesmerizing as a shooting star, and every time you come across my gaze i have to wish that you will remain mine.

when you hold my hand or even brush against my arm, i feel like i am reborn. you put the entire world inside of me, and i can breathe again. ive felt more at home in your arms than i ever have in a house.

your lips press against mine and as my eyes close, i swear i can feel myself sinking in your taste and i dont even care if i drown. each kiss is like a wave, every one pulls me in for more.

when your name comes to mind, all i can think of is the love that blooms for you. if i were to plant my feelings, a garden would grow.

from me to you (via i—-ntoxicated)